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Friday, March 25, 2011

Win a Free Child Spring Mini Portrait Session | Maris Ehlers Photography

Ok, so here's how to enter to win a FREE Child's Spring Mini-Session on either Friday 4/1 or Monday 4/4.

First of all, here is what is included / rules: 

  • A free 45 minute photo session at MEP (time tbd based on other sessions those days) 
  • Children must be between the ages of 2-16 
  • Limit 3 children 
  • Sets we will have available that day vary, but spring colors are the theme
  • MEP owns the copyrights to the original files (this is normally the case) and prints/products, etc., will be made available for you to purchase at the normal rates 
  • I need a minimum of 50 people to enter in order to give a session away 
Here's how to enter: 

1.  Post a picture of the WORST or FUNNIEST professional photo you ever paid money for.  Please, please, do not include any information on the photographer.  These are meant to be humorous, not hurtful.  

You can either post it on your blog and post the link on my page, or you can post it on your facebook page and post the link to it on my photography page (obviously you'll probably need to scan the image first unless you have a digital copy).  Whenever you post a photo on your facebook page it has it's own url.  Simply copy that and paste it on my wall if you chose that option. 

3.  Please also tell us about the picture.  It doesn't have to be a picture of your child.  It just has to be a professional picture, i.e. a picture that you paid for in some way.  

2.  Comment on this blog that you've entered, and post your link below. 

3.  Comment again and tell us who the session would be for if you won.  

4.  Spread the news on your wall for an additional entry (must provide a link to this blog post on your wall).  After all, the more pictures we see and chuckle over, the more fun it will be.  

So all in all, if you do each of these things, you'll have four chances to win.  We may provide you with additional chances over the next few days.  

Below is one from our family.  When H was an infant I was bound and determined to take him in for a professional sitting.  I really wish I could find the rest from this session.  As you can see in this one, the photographer had basically scared the you know what out of him and you can totally see it in his face.  Not only did I buy these hysterical pictures, but I gave them out to everyone as planned.  We had many, many a good chuckle over these.  If I find the rest of them I promise to post.  

Here is how the winner will be chosen:   RANDOM DRAWING  on  Wednesday, March 29 at 7:00 a.m.  

Have fun!  Can't wait to see your pictures. 



Beth Hauser said...

Here's a pic of my 2nd- Eden months ago. We couldn't get her to be happy so we had to buy what faces she did make :P...

Beth Hauser said...

Charlotte is my oldest daughter and she'll be 3 in May. She is getting such a personality and would love a photo shoot!

Pennie Soppeland said...

This picture is of my oldest at 3 months. Looking at it you can't tell if it is a boy or girl. I chuckle everytime I see it.