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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What to Wear for Your Engagement Photo Session | Maris Ehlers Photography

Planning what to wear for your upcoming engagement photo session does not have to be stressful!  I’m here to offer some fashion help to make planning for your first “couple” photo shoot a breeze so you can relax and enjoy the moment.  
First Rule?  Be true to your own style and what YOU feel comfortable in.  If you don't feel comfortable, you definitely won't look comfortable.  Remember, if you feel good in what you have on, your confidence will shine through in your photos.

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I recommend that both of you bring at least two outfits — one dressier, one more casual.  Pick STYLES that match, not matching clothes!  
Here are some additional guidelines for dressing the part of romantic couple with Maris: 

Engagement Photo Session Do's: 
  • Solid colors work best – pick colors that complement each other, not ones that match perfectly.
  • Wear fitted clothes —nothing too tight or to big. 
  • Jeans.  Jeans never go out of style.  If you want to dress up the jeans, choose darker washed denim.
  • Ladies: Pair your jeans with a dressy top.  Men: pair them with a button-down or polo shirt.  
  • Layers work well — add a vest or blazer
  • Dresses in bright colors look great on women
  • Keep jewelry ultra simple - Women:  stick to clean lines, including earrings with a simple necklace or bracelet (or one statement piece), and your engagement ring. 
  • Women: Bright-colored pumps that contrast with your outfit are a fun pop of color that add an element of "wow".  
  • Choose hip, trendy, high fashion clothes for urban or modern locations
  • Aim for a sweet or romantic look in nature-filled or outdoorsy locations
Engagement Photo Session Dont's:
  • Clothing with very small patterns, like skinny stripes or tiny polka-dots
  • Solids in super-bright colors, like bright orange or lime green
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Clothes that are too baggy or too tight
  • Super-low cut tops or short skirts – keep it classy (cleavage surprises are NOT good). 
  • Tops with words on them - save those for Saturday afternoons hanging around the house. 
In all, pick clothes that reflect you and your personality, and you'll feel more comfortable while you are in front of the camera and will enjoy seeing the pictures afterwards. 

This week is engagement week here at the MEP blog.  Click here to see yesterday's snow and purple tulip engagement shoot.  
About Dawn: 

Dawn, a busy wife and mother of 2 darling boys, is the owner of Lucky Girls Jewels and Styling, and styles regularly for Maris Ehlers Photography clients.  To inquire of her styling, closet revamp and shopping services, you can reach her via email, or visit her page on facebook.  

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Kris said...

Great blog Dawn! Even though I don't need engagement wear it is still great information for anyone. Can't wait for our closet revamp tomorrow!