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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Entry For This Week's I Heart Faces Photo Challenge - Sun Flare | Maris Ehlers Photography

My entry this week for the I Heart Faces challenge "Sun Flare" is this picture I took on a glorious summer evening this past July.  The sun was near setting, giving everything, even the grass, a lovely yellow glow.  I love how it created the best rim lighting on her hair!  


Tassi Smith said...

I love the lighting and the colors. Well done.

Angel said...

This is one my favorite pictures. I was hoping this would be your entry this week when I saw the category. Love it!!!

KS Photography said...

nice exposure on the face. colours are so warm. sharp.

P.S. did you meter for her face?

Maris Ehlers Photography said...

Thank you. Yes, I metered for her face instead of the whole scene.

Wendhy Jeffers said...

LOVE it! What an awesome photo!