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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Editor's Choice Picks A Touch Call, Next MEP Theme Chosen | Maris Ehlers Photography

My editor's picks for this month's photo contest are: 

This is a great image - I love the fiery background, the bokeh, the focal point and the detail. Submitted by Leanne 

This is what I think plumeria must look like - by Brady, NYC

This image has GREAT bokeh, a lovely focal point and strong composition. 

While he's not necessarily beautiful, he says new, birth and spring like none other!  By Shannon DeFord

And to Rachel Ulfers, my apologies!  I missed getting your images uploaded into the contest.  :(  I hope you can forgive me since I am posting them here.  Nice work! I couldn't post your collage, however, because it had too many images in it (limit for each participant is 3).  They are definitely "Editor's Choice" material!  

Magnolia's by Dana

And the theme for next month's contest?  PETS!  Entries will be accepted starting June 1st.  Please watch the blog for specific rules and regulations, and don't forget to share - the more the merrier! 

Please congratulate the winners - they deserve it! 

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