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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top Ten Winners of the MEP Spring Photo Contest Are Announced | Maris Ehlers Photography

Thank you for entering the MEP Spring Photo Contest this past month.  While it got off to a slow start, we ended up with some amazing entries!

It's kind of funny how these things work out.  I had been thinking that I hadn't had a photo contest on facebook for quite some time, when suddenly I received an email from someone who follows my page.  Her email was something to the effect of "Where are your photo contests?"

I thought here's an opportunity:  I told her I would run another contest if she would agree to be the judge.  It worked out perfectly!

While her last name shall remain nameless, her first name is Nicole.  Nicole took her assignment very seriously, but she has returned her list of top ten images.  Final judging for the winner will be this week.

Here is what she had to say about her selections:

"For the record, I'd like to note that I made cuts not based on how good/good of quality the pictures were. I made them based on how prominently the picture said "Spring" to me, as per the title of the contest, of course! This was truly a stellar bunch of pictures from amateur and professional alike. I'd like to commend everyone that made a submission!"

Here are her top ten choices, in no particular order:

1) #2 by Jill - Easter Eggs

Why: Great quality, vibrant colors, the decoration style, & Easter
Eggs definitely say "Spring"!

2) #3 by Meike - Trees in Grass

Why: The focus, & the brilliance of the green caught me!

3) #18 by (Jan) - Spring Wagon Wheel 

Why I chose it: I liked that it seemed like a scene one might overlook, but that simple object with the flowers on it just had something that felt "right" about it. Best I can explain it!  Plus, it was taken with a mobile phone!

4) #32 by Lea - Fuzzy Dandelion

Why: The focus on the dandelion itself (definitely says "Spring"!), & capturing that little droplet was really cool.

5) #33 by Jill N - Tulips And Columns

Why: The Tulips, the columns, the fountain, the flowering trees, the centering...sooo much to love about this picture! Honestly, this was one of the easiest ones to pick!

6) #34 by Jill N - City Meets Country

Why: I love the quality. "City Meets Country" is what comes to mind here. I think that is captured profoundly well!

7) #36 by Becky - Purple Field Flowers

Why: It's easy to picture standing in a beautiful field of these flowere in the spring. The lighting is great!

8) #41 by Maya - Frog

Why: Quality, Subject...really, because this picture is just COOL!
*AND, frogs are fun. =)

9) #42 by Julie's 9 y/o - Baby Birds

Why: I have to admit, I was really impressed this was by a 9 y/o! That's pretty good quality, she captured the subject matter, and I kind of dug that the nest wasn't centered.

10) #43 by Lisa - Spring Water View in the City

Why: This picture is simply remarkable. That's all I really have to say about it!

The top 3 images will be chosen in the next round of judging this week.  Winners will be announced on the blog.  Editor's Choice will also be announced.  

Be sure to tell us your favorites below! 

If you have pictures in the top 10 (or, if you like the selections), please feel free to share this post... everywhere!  :) 

Share the love, share this post! 

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Wow, thanks! Of course I will share this everywhere. :)

Wonderful entries. I really love the tulip photo and the blue bonnets. The colored eggs are a great choice too.