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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zoe's High School Senior Portraits Something for Everyone | Maris Ehlers Photography

Here is the preview from a high school senior photography session from MEP.  

Zoe is actually from the class of 2011.  While most students get their senior pictures done in the summer or fall because of yearbook deadlines, doing a session in the spring (weather depending, of course) can be a great way to celebrate your graduation when it's only a few weeks away instead of many months before.  You change a lot during that last year of high school, and that increasing maturity, independence and attitude can all come out in your imagery.  I'd like to think that if I had taken Zoe's senior pictures last summer that they would look much different than these - not because of background or clothing, but because of her and everything she's experienced in this final year of high school.  

It was a windy day, so we have lots of images with hair blowing all over the place!  These are some of my favorites.  

Zoe wanted to do something different for her session, so we met downtown and found some industrial locations that had quite a bit of character to them.  I love how the reds in the walls set off the blue in her dress and her eyes.  

The white paint on this wall almost looks like smoke behind her.  :)  

It's important as a photographer to seniors to understand what it is they want to convey with their images.  Kids today have a lot more influence and choice in who they choose, what style they want, and what they wear. More often than not, parents today validate their choices.  

In the end however, I still have a lot of respect for the parents of these kids, and both are my clients.  My job is to capture the spirit of the senior, and provide them with a wide variety of images that ensures there is something for everyone - images that the student likes, that reflect what is important to parents, and yes, even grandparents.  

That means that in each session I try to incorporate what the senior is looking for, and mix that in with some shots and posing that are a little more traditional and likely to please other adult relatives.  

I love this colorful wall.  I drive by it frequently and have always wanted to shoot there.  Yay, Zoe for giving me a reason! 

Sometimes simple is best. 

I liked the softness of the chainlink fence behind her and the look on her face.  
I think this full body shot is just plain cute!  
During this series I totally dated myself by telling Zoe she reminded me of Elaine Irwin Mellancamp.  Neither she or Devon (who assisted on this shoot) had any idea who she was.  I'm not even sure if they knew who John Cougar Mellancamp was.  My saving grace?  Zoe's mother did!  

When I showed Zoe this image on camera, she said "Ah, my grandparents will love this."  Something for everyone.  Mission accomplished.  

Assitant:  Devon Caylor

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Anonymous said...

I showed this to my mom and I am SO having you take my senior pictures this summer. How do I book?