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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gorgeous High School Senior Portraits | Maris Ehlers Photography

Senior Rep:  Megan 
Makeup:  Jamie Duncanson 
Assistant:  Katie Hofer

Other MEP Senior Rep Previews: 

Want some ideas on what to wear to a senior portrait session?  Guest blogger Dawn Fryxell gives you great ideas!  


Gabrielle Ryan said...

Love these!

Elizabeth said...

Ohmygoodness... Maris your work amazes me. I search your blog for new images daily! This post was worth waiting for!

I love how you keep things simple, and that you don't over edit. That's a testament to your skill behind the camera.

Simply stunning.

Deb said...

Absolutely beautiful! Both you and Megan certainly are talented! Congratulations on capturing Megan's beauty and personality!