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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MEP Intern Photo of the Week - Week #3 | Maris Ehlers Photography

This weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding of some close friends. It was beautiful; everything was perfectly planned out and executed, and the love they have for each other made me misty eyed multiple times during the day.  Which made it difficult to focus here and there!

My favorite shot of the day?  This one. Her gown was breathtaking, and fit perfectly into their vintage theme. As did the typewriter guest book. (So fun!)

Maris has taught me so much even just within the past month of working with her, and it is really starting to show in my images. Especially with this event. 

To see more shots from this wedding

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As always, I'd love to hear any questions, comments, or critiques!

Have a fantastic week!

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