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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Young Love in Pictures - As Explained by a Six Year Old | Maris Ehlers Photography

We had fun sessions for each of these senior reps planned on Friday, so we decided to overlap them and have a little "Young Love" fun with a mixed session. We think Megan and Brandon did great, especially since they had never met each other. 

We thought it might be fun to have our favorite resident six year old explain their relationship as it unfolded before her in pictures.  Enjoy her "interpretation". 

Mom:  What do you think they are thinking here?

A: Finally.  Someone taller than me!

A:  It's like their moms made them be next to each other but they aren't so crazy about that.  Do they even know each other?

 A:  You're so lame.

A:  Are you kidding me?

 A:  Did she tell him to get lost?  I think he's leaving.  But I think she kinda likes him.

 A:  Oh goody.  He's back.

A:  Brandon never smiles like that when I'm at his house.

A:  Hi there.

A:  Gross.  Their holding hands!

A:  I don't think Brandon is going to like college since he can't bring along his video games.

 A:  I bet his mom loves this picture.

A:  I think she wishes there was something fun to do.

 Smiles are great.
A:  She looks really happy here.  I hope he didn't kiss her.

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