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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sissy Boy Experiment Interview on KFAN with Dan Barreiro Podcast Link and Listener Comments | Maris Ehlers Photography

Yesterday I did an interview with Dan Barreiro at KFAN AM 1130 here in Minneapolis.  Ironically enough, KFAN is a sports radio station, but Dan has been doing indepth interviews on many different topics over the years during his afternoon show, so his audience is used to "leaving the toy department" of sports from time to time.

Here is the podcast if you'd like to listen.

6/22 - Sissy Boy Project: "Maris Ehlers joins the program to discuss The Sissy Boy Project, a new series fro Anderson Cooper on AC 360."

Below are some comments Dan was kind enough to share from his listeners via email.  There were negative ones as well, and in fairness I will post whatever KFAN sends along as I can.  



I am not gay and have no comments for your show today, but I just wanted to
say it was one of the most fascinating hours of radio I have heard in a long
time. Keep fighting this fight man. Even though you get emails
from delusional, ignorant idiots saying they hear enough about this liberal
crap in class, everyone needs to hear about this factual, informative,
fascinating interview you just did. Win them over one at a time if you have

Thanks for the excellent radio,


Dan, If it wasn't for your forays outside of the Toy Department, I wouldn't have become a daily listener six years ago.

I think your last guest was the most compelling I've heard in that time.

Stay strong, Dan --- stay strong.



I am one of your biggest long time listeners & rarely miss your show (drive over an hr from home listening to you & listen on internet when I get home).  I am a sports fanatic & love your show.  I'm also gay & don't fit the stereotype.  Your interview today was one of the most compelling things I have ever heard.  I relate to being suicidal, trying to change my sexuality when younger (i'm now 46); being in a lot of pain re: my sexuality.

Thank you for doing the tough interviews & controversial topics.  I will continue to be one of your biggest fans & you will probably never know how today's interview with the sister whose brother committed suicide (sissy boy therapy) will affect so many people.  My tears were plentiful, & you have made the world a better place by enlightening your audience with this very compelling interview.

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!


That was probably the most outstanding hour of radio you've ever had, Dan.  As having a brother who is homosexual, things were different than your guest however.  Our family is still together, parents still married, and all is well and accepted.  I feel for your guest as things could have been different.  But we choose love and acceptance and his life is just fine.  I wish your guest the best of luck with her fight.



Terrific interview last hour! I'm sure you'll catch a ton of crap from some folks for using 'any' airtime to cover that story, but kudos to you for bringing attention to the issue.

Great job.

Thanks, griz


What a gut wrenching story. Sorry, I didn't quite get the gals name that you were talking to. I wish I could have an hour to talk to her as well. God Loves her, he loved her brother, and he always did, and still does. He also loves his sister today.

Part of the sad part of this story is also the conclusions, that both of the researcher's reached, as well as the wonderful gal, you just got done talking to, and it sounds like you as well, from what I can gather.

Thank You so much for having this on the radio, it was riveting, and again my heart goes out to all involved.





I am so sorry to hear what had happened with Ms. Ellers brother and the treatment he received.

I love all people but do not love all actions. I do not believe homosexuality is ok. I hear you address this topic often on your show and understand you have a different opinion and you bring it out because it is a polarizing topic and intrigues listeners, which is fine.

This may not be popular in the anything goes and to heck with morality society that we have today.

In short my thoughts are this:

1)      God created man and woman in perfection in paradise earth - he also created this union or marriage as how he wished man to live (Man & Woman).

2)      Adam & Eve willfully sinned and mankind has progressively drifted away from perfection.

3)      The best way I can capsulate my thoughts on homosexuality is as follows:

a.       I realize some genuinely have a leaning toward homosexuality.

b.      I also know that there are many other leanings we have.

c.       Just because we have a leaning does not mean it's ok.

d.      It's not a perfect analogy but I liken homosexuality to alcoholism - there can be a leaning, a genetic or learned one.

e.      Alcoholism can't be cured but can be managed so that many have LEARNED how to resist or fight against these IMPERFECT traits.

4)      Religions who allow or even support homosexuality have made their own adaptation of serving a god because the GOD of the bible puts it clearly this way:

a.       1 Corinthians 6:9 What! Do YOU not know that unrighteous persons will not inherit God's kingdom? Do not be misled. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men kept for unnatural purposes, nor men who lie with men, 10 nor thieves, nor greedy persons, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit God's kingdom.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts,



Dan, one of your best shows ever, even for a sports station. You could have gone with another breakdown of the upcoming Woofies draft, the Twins winning streak, Rubio's press conference, or Adrian Peterson being, well, Adrian Peterson, or other really important story. But, I think all of that has been covered at least 13, 14 times today, so kudos to you.


One of the most compelling stories I've heard in ages. And yes, I am a Christian, Independent, straight guy, and native Minnesotan. A story many other need to hear.

Good job! Haight-Belvedere guy

Dan and Crew,

What a moving, powerful, and informative guest and talk. I commend you, Dan and the crew and station around you for having a story and topic of this nature on your show.
Your guest (forgetting her name) was a eloquent speaker and conversationalist and believe she did a wonderful job telling her story and informing us of her cause.

Thank you for the last hour.

Committed listener,



Dan.  Screw sports.  Amazing, amazing hour of radio. 




Dear Dan,

Thank you for your gentle handling of your guest during the "Sissy Boy"
segment of today's show.  I have rarely heard someone with as important, yet
difficult a message to deliver.

Your patience in allowing Maris (sp) to express herself was admirable.

You did well today.

Skip (from Eveleth)



Great, great show. Great presence from your guest.
Thank her on behalf of all of us. We should all be so lucky as to have a family member who would represent us that way.



It's really crazy how there is still legislated bigotry against gays in 2011. How is this even a debate about marriage/rights? How are "gay-corrective" clinics not shut down right now? They are child abuse with or without physical abuse.

Mike D


Dear Dan,

Thank you so much for doing this story.

We were told by a pastor we had to help our gay son "change" or he would live a dark, sad life.
We were told it was a sin to be gay.

It is so important to expose these therapies!



The story your guest is telling is very interesting and sad that she lost her brother because of some quack. That being said, is it insensitive of me to think she sounds hot?

Dan in Ramsey


Lots of tweets came in, too.  My favorite came from @atnieland: 

"@mepinmin .. thank you for your story! Very touching and opened my eyes to some of our world's problems and some of my own as well!"

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1 comment:

Kate Middleton said...

Dear Maris,

Thank you for your courage in speaking out about this abuse. I have been trying to do the same since I found out what had been done to me at 17/18 in 83/84 twenty years later.

I was born a few months after your brother and have only just survived the after effects; so far. All these evil professionals did was was hurt my self confidence and self esteem, make me depressed and suicidal for years and destroy my family relationships.

Thank God the evil is coming to light.

As for Rekers..He should have taken Luke 12 and Matthew 18:6 more seriously.There is nothing Christian about such amazing levels of hypocrisy

Best Wishes