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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MEP Intern Photo of the Week - Week #5 | Maris Ehlers Photography

Week five is rolling along here at MEP.

This week's photo of the week is particularly close to my heart.

Three men being goofballs - maybe even pea-brained goofballs - are close to my heart? You bet. Let me explain.

Every summer around the fourth of July, my Dad's side of the family goes camping up north on an island near Park Rapids. It's just about the only time of year we all see each other; hence the closeness to my heart. Every year it's something...swimming all the way around the island, bean bag toss tourneys, double skiing, etc. 

This year they really stepped it up. Took the "intense" dial, if you would, and cranked it up. My dad and two of my cousins decided that they would try to complete a pyramid of skiers. Now, granted, we're a family that's grown up skiing; I've been skiing since I was about seven, and my Dad is a trick skier. But I was still nervous.

But they did it. Lucas was all the way up standing on shoulders. In only 5 tries. And, once they were up, they stayed up for a lap all the way around the lake for a pass-by of the crowd that gathered to watch. Show offs.

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Have a great week!

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