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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

St. Michael - Albertville Senior Photography | Maris Ehlers Photography

Today Angel and I each dropped our eight year old sons off for camp, over two hours away.  Angel's guy is a pro, but this was H's first one ever.  I took a vacation day so that I made sure I had enough time to get everything packed and ready, plus I anticipated that he would be a little on the nervous side.  We had  a great morning, and when the time came he was SOOOO ready to go.  How did these eight years so by so quickly? 

I ended the day with a senior shoot for a good friend and client April.  Her son, Baxter will be a senior at St. Michael Albertville High School.  We did an early evening shoot in an area close to home, and he was fantastic.  Comfortable in front of the camera, relaxed AND good natured.  A photographer can't ask for more than that in a subject.  Here are a few of our favorites. 
My favorite of the day.  

I like the perspective on this one. 

Mom wanted a closeup and I liked this one the best. 

Meet Triton.  Triton is the most loved dog on the PLANET, and the only dog I know with a middle name.  He's pretty gray around the muzzle, so they wanted to capture Baxter and Triton together one last time. 

We snapped this series at the end. 

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Assisted by:  Angel Petit for MEP