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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What to Wear for a Family Photo Session this Summer? Stylist Dawn Fryxell gives us some great ideas! | Maris Ehlers Photography

This "what to wear" family style post is a follow up of yesterday's post about booking late summer / early fall family sessions with MEP.

The season of family photo sessions is right around the corner, as many people want to incorporate their annual family sessions with holiday pictures, cards and gifts. 

One of the reasons why booking a family photo session is stressful is because Mom wonders and worries about what to have everyone wear. Our goal here at MEP is to make planning a session as easy and stress free as possible.  Our "what to wear" posts are one great way of doing just that. 

Stylist Dawn Fryxell created two fun and different looks for us as an inspiration.  She has such a great eye, and I love both of these looks.

Not only does she show you the entire look pulled together, but she sources the items for you.  It truly can't get much easier than that.    

Contemporary Family

Traditional Family Styling

Dawn is, of course, available to help style you and/or your family for a photo session or for the season.  You can reach her on facebook!

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