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Monday, August 15, 2011

A First Look Photography Preview from a Maple Grove Wedding | Maris Ehlers Photography

When I start to ask a couple what they really want to stand out on their wedding day, I often get blank stares.  At first.  And then it all starts tumbling out.  For Mark and Jamie, because both of their families have worshipped at their church for many generations, and because their family today is so important, they really wanted this to be the focal point for their celebration. 

Mark shows me the rings as he waits for Jamie to come outside for their first look.

Yes, there is a school bus in the parking lot.  You'll see how we made good use of it in another post.

At last.

As is often the case, St. John's has a lovely little cemetery out behind the church on the grounds.  Because both families have been anchored to this church for so long, there are more "Schutte's" and "Radintz's" buried here than I might easily count.  

Mark and Jamie wanted to privately pay tribute to their grandparents who are buried here with a visit and flowers before the ceremony.  
Here they are on their way. 

Mark places a posey near his grandfather Ted and grandmother Alice's graves.

Here they place one near Jamie's grandparents as well. 

There are so many images to choose from it was really difficult to narrow it down to just these few.  Stay tuned this week for more previews, including some fun ones of the wedding party and more outside at Rush Creek.

Mark and Jamie, thank you so much for trusting us to capture your special day.  It was perfect.  Many blessings to you both!

Church:  St. John's Lutheran Church, Corcoran, Minnesota (Officiator:  Pastor Briel)
Reception:  Rush Creek Golf Course, Maple Grove, Minnesota
Assistant:  Angel Petit
2nd Photographer:  Courtney Johnson

1 comment:

June Radintz said...

What a wonderful first glimpse of the wedding pics. The cemetary visit was very special. Look forward to seeing more! june