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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Day Pictures with a Yellow School Bus | Maris Ehlers Photography

When life gives you a big yellow school bus... 

When we sat down to plan the portraits for Mark and Jamie's wedding, I don't recall anyone saying "And there's this big yellow school bus.  You'll LOVE it!", but as these things go, I've learned along the way that I can never plan for everything when it comes to shooting on location.  Instead of trying to work around it, I usually just end up incorporating it. 

I actually thought the school bus added a little fun to what are pretty simple church grounds.  Even more fitting because Jamie and Mark have known each other since they were in school.  

The father of the groom, ready to roll.

I get all teary eyed every time I see this one, both because I can remember Mark when he was young, and also because it makes me realize just how fast time flies. You put your kids on the school bus one day, and they are getting married the next! 

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