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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MEP Intern Photo of the Week - Week #9 | Maris Ehlers Photography

Welcome to week 8!

As MEP's intern, I was offered a couple of volunteer opportunities throughout the summer; unfortunately, most I couldn't do because of schedule conflicts, but I made time for this special group.

Let me tell you a little bit about Camp Erin.

Camp Erin was founded in Washington after a 15 year old girl, named Erin, died of cancer. Before she died, she she was worried about leaving her friends and family, and wanted to create a place where they could go and feel better. Hence, Camp Erin was founded.

Through generous donations and support, kids between the ages of 6 and 17 who have lost a significant family member are able to attend Camp Erin (a weekend-long camp) for no charge. It is a community based on grieving and healing; a place where the kids can go and meet others kids who have experienced the same tragedy, and to see that they are not alone. It was a phenomenal experience to be a part of.

Camp Erin is a nation-wide camp; there are 31 (I believe) camps across the country. I was able to be a part of the Twin Cities Camp Erin as their "official" photographer this year. And I had a great time, as did all of the campers.

At the camp, the campers get to do many different activities. Some included swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, drumming, a luau party, and crafts. The campers, along with the fun stuff, also had designated "sharing circle" time, where the kids were free to talk with adult volunteers about their loss, and to share their feelings. 

The campers also made luminaries, and sent them out onto the lake early Sunday morning, which is what you see in this week's image.

There is so much information about Camp Erin out there; it's easy to Google, but here is a starting point for those interested in learning more.

Have a great week!

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