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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mother of the Bride "What to Wear" Post by Guest Blogger Dawn Fryxell | Maris Ehlers Photography

The Mother of the Bride outfit can be a huge source of stress for many proud mothers and can
overshadow their enjoyment of supporting their daughter throughout the planning stages of their
wedding.  If you are a soon to be mother of the bride, this post filled with helpful styling tips is just for you!

Style First.  Dress Second.

While it's easy to get excited about an upcoming family wedding, we encourage you NOT to run out and find your dress as soon as the ring is on your daughter's finger.  Wait until a lot of the bigger details are settled, like venues, your daughter's dress, even the overall style or theme of the wedding.  This will make choosing your dress so much simpler, because you will know what style will work with what your daughter and future son-in-law are planning.

The Other Mother.

Consult with the mother of the groom as to any ideas that she may have and try to coordinate between
you to ensure your outfits complement each other and the bridal party.  Different colors are recommended, and typically it is not advised to match the color of the bridesmaid dresses.

Accessories - The Make or Break.

Accessories are critical.  Make sure you don't wait until the last minute to figure out what they will be. They also can shed or add pounds to your figure, especially in the wedding imagery.  Ensure you know how to select the right accessories for your body shape, and if you don't - ask someone who can help!  Keep accessories
to a minimum. You want to look incredible without overshadowing your daughter.

Print the Stationary. Not Your Dress.
Avoid busy prints or busy accessories as they can date very quickly and look dated just a season or two later. Better to go for something classic. This is especially true if you have a petite figure, otherwise the print may end
up overwhelming your body type. If you want to go for a print, spots and stripes are more classic prints that never really go out fashion. If you do go for bold prints, keep your accessories very simple.

When to Shop.
The ideal time to shop is at the beginning of the season that the wedding will take place in, when there are more choices available.  So, if the wedding is in August, the best shopping will be in April/May.

You want to feel beautiful, comfortable and relaxed on your daughter's day.  If you are hesitant about styles that fit your body or how to accessorize, hiring a personal stylist is a great option, and surprisingly affordable! My goal is to help you achieve the perfect mother of the bride look and help you look fabulous. I can also help ease the stress of the never ending search for the perfect dress, so you can concentrate on helping your daughter find hers.

Below are three of my favorite mother of the bride looks that I recently created for Maris Ehlers Photography.

Mother of Bride or Groom 3

J kara gown
$198 -

Steve Madden stiletto high heels
$30 -

Handcrafted earrings
$78 -

Stephen Dweck ring
$195 -

Mother of the Bride 2

Patra black gown
$178 -

Steve Madden peep toe heels
$150 -

Nadri rhodium jewelry
$58 -

Nadri pave bangle
$98 -

Carolee LUX metal jewelry
$95 -

Mother of the Bride 1

J Kara embellished dress
$228 -

Steve madden shoes
$30 -

Alexis Bittar gold jewelry
$275 -

Nadri gold jewelry
$68 -

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