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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Showcasing Style - Senior Pictures | Maris Ehlers Photography

One of the keys to being a successful golfer is being able to perfect a swing and then repeat it over and over again.  Under any conditions, on any course.  I don't PERSONALLY play, but being married to an avid golfer who has worked in the profession for over twenty years, I've learned a few tidbits by osmosis, if nothing else. 

Photography is really the same, but yet entirely different. 

Photographers need to be able to repeat what they do behind the camera, with functions, lighting and posing, but the difference is variety with different environments and clients.  When a golfer approaches the 1st tee with his game face on, I don't think he's thinking "Let's mix it up today.  Be creative. Try something new.  Do something different."  Nope.  Just like Tiger wears a red shirt every Sunday that he plays, golfers are thinking "Consistency.  Repetition.  Precision."  

While every photographer needs to find their style and niche (I think I know my style but honestly not sure about the niche part), the challenge for us to recognize the individuality that each of our clients bring to a session and delivery the consistency, but bring the unique.  Senior photography is no different.  What works for one student just may not work for the other. 

Photographing Hannah was delightful, and her sense of style was perfect for a hot summer morning.  

What's your favorite? 

A special shout out to Hannah's boyfriend, Cosmo, who was a super good sport and helped me out with gear.  Thanks, Cosmo!  :) 

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