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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Summer Family Portraits and Gallery Wrap Displays | Maris Ehlers Photography

Most have you have seen a picture or two from this summer family session, but here is a complete preview.   

For those of you who might be interested for next year, all of these images (except for the last three) were taken at a private location near our NEW studio in Hanover, Minnesota.   The owner has been gracious enough to allow us to make arrangements to use the grandly landscaped greens for Maris Ehlers Photography this next season. Since you only see a smidgen of it here, we couldn't be any more excited!  

These first three images create a stunning gallery wrap display in the client's piano room (she's a music director, among other things).  The wraps of each of the girls flank the larger piece of the two of them together in the middle.
16 x 20 gallery wrap
Client chose a lovely 30 x 20 gallery wrap here for the center of this display
The second 16 x 20 to complete the gallery wrap display

In the living room, the client has a very large paneled area above their fireplace, so a 30 x 30 gallery wrap of this image creates the right scale of size

8 x 10 gallery wrap

This set for the girls will be placed in square frames side by side.

I am hoping all of these will be up in the client's home this next week (hint hint).  Hopefully she'll send us pictures so we can "see" her photography as art on their walls.

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