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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today I am Thankful For... | Maris Ehlers Photography

I've been trying to post about something or someone I am grateful for every day in November.  Today's post would have been too long to be a simple facebook post, so I decided to put it on the blog instead. 

Today I am thankful for Angel Petit.  Who would have thought a year and a half ago when after helping me chase preschoolers around for pictures with their baby chicks (her son went to preschool with my children just because she happened to be there), and then she called the next day and said "You know, if you ever need any help..."

Dozens of shoots, hundreds of cups of coffee, files emailed, pictures edited, plans made, changed, canceled and remade later, here we are.

If it weren't for Angel, her dedication, hard work, kind nature and um, well, simply her ability to handle all of the things that I can't, we wouldn't be joining together to share our exciting news, which is that our new studio will be opening up in just a week or two in the quaint little town of Hanover.

Here is a quick picture of Angel today after we finished two sessions out in the wind and blowing snow.  You are such a good sport, and honestly, THIS wouldn't be happening without YOU. 

You are simply awesome.

P.S.  Angel spent a year watching, learning and helping before ever really picking up a camera on our shoots.  Now she has taken everything she's learned and is creating her own magic.  Here is a recent picture that Angel took at Jack and Claire's wedding.  And truly, I could not be more proud!

Photo Credit:  Angel Petit for Maris Ehlers Photography.  Edit:  Maris Ehlers 

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Anonymous said...

Ohh how sweet!!! I am uber proud of you as well Ann-jillene!!!! You two make a perfect team :)