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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Maris Ehlers Photography Product of the Day - Dec 1st | Maris Ehlers Photography

For the month of December, we are going to have a Product of the Day promotion going every day until Christmas Eve.  Whoo hoo!  That means savings on great gift ideas for those on your list (and maybe even for yourself) throughout the whole month.  Some of the products are your tried and true favorites, and some are new ones that you've never seen before.

Today's product of the day involves a contest for current and past clients, and it includes MEP products you already have and gift cards.  Oh, my!

To enter, you must have some "Photography as Art" by MEP on your walls.  If you do, here's how to enter:

1.  Take a picture of your MEP art.  Any camera will do:  your phone camera, your "real" camera, or even a webcam if that works for you.  Ha Ha.  Simply post on your page and include what you like about this piece or "series" of art in your home.
2.  Tag us:  Maris Ehlers Photography (you can also tag Angel and Maris individually)
3.  If you have more than one piece of art or display in your home, post a picture of each.  That means one entry for each.

The winner will be chosen by random drawing on Tuesday, December 6th, and will win a $75 gift card to Maris Ehlers Photography.  This can be used for sessions, prints, classes, you name it!

To get us started, here are the series of gallery wraps that MEP Production Manager Angel Petit has in her home.  Now that I think about it, I think she has more in her home than I do, and I own the company.  There's something wrong with this picture!  Ha Ha.

So get those pictures of your "Photography as Art" MEP style posted on facebook ASAP.  You have until Monday the 5th at midnight to get them posted and tagged with your comments.  We can't wait to see your stories on your walls.  This will be a treat for us, as we typically don't get to see "our babies" after they leave our hands.

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