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Thursday, February 16, 2012

30 Pictures in 30 Days - Day 4

For day 4, I'd like you to take a picture of your subject in action. It doesn't have to be at a specific event, but maybe it's a picture of a child running fo rthe bus, or walking up the driveway.  Kids running together are always fun pictures (the trick is to get them to do things:  run at the same pace and look up at the camera while running).  Whatever you choose, this picture should show your subject in motion.  

Some tips?  If they are moving, higher shutter speeds are needed to capture the movement without blur.  If your shutter speed is higher but you are still getting some blur, try raising your ISO a bit.  

Remember to jump in on any day, or feel free to go back and participate in a past day as well. 

Most of you can probably tell that the tagging on facebook isn't working so well.  Feel free to tag my personal page as well as my photography page in hopes that it will post.  I am seeing them (as long as you tag me), I just can't get them to post.  We did monkey with some settings late yesterday, so do please try to tag MEP again today. 

You can also post them on The Patch if you'd like.  

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