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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MEP 30 Photos in 30 Days Challenge - Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the MEP 30 Pictures in 30 Day Photo Challenge.  
On Day 1 we focused on a scene that tells a story but without an actual person in it. 
Day 2 was all about capturing something that shows or communicates love in some way.  We had some really fun entries.  
The challenge for Day 3 is to photograph your subject enjoying their favorite activity. It can be them participating in a sport, reading, playing the wii, eating... it just must be something they enjoy doing.  Try to capture them enjoying this activity from a unique pespective or angle to make the photo more interesting.  

The picture I posted is of my friend Sara's son, who LOVES legos.  We did an entire photoshoot called "Childhood Dreams" of him with his legos.  
If you'd like to see more of the fun photos from his session, you can see them here.
Maris Ehlers is the owner of Maris Ehlers Photography in Hanover, Minnesota.  She specializes in lifestyle photography, i.e. wedding and family milestone photography (newborns, children, families and high school seniors).  

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