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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Harper - 9 Months Old | Maris Ehlers Photography

A great reason to invest in professional photographs for your baby around the 6-9 month range is simply because this is one of the stages of baby that is really a lot of fun to capture.  While all stages are indeed precious, some are definitely more challenging than others from a photographer's point of view.

Typically at around 6-7 months they can start to sit up straight on their own, and aren't quite so wobbly.  They begin to show a wide variety of facial expressions and can react with the photographer and parents (especially when they are not afraid to act like complete fools in order to get those beautiful smiles and giggles). 

More important than a specific month mark in my opinion, however, is to have their pictures taken BEFORE they are actively trying to crawl.  Trying to get a baby to sit and laugh when all they want to do is the tripod stance takes lots of squeaky toys, loud noises and patience.  

Miss Harper isn't crawling as of yet which made photographing her on the floor very easy.  Her bright eyes and smile had us laughing most of the time.  


As we know, all babies do their things at different times, and I think Harper might just skip crawling and head right to the catwalk.  She can stand really well (wobbly chairs aside), but photographers be ware:  always, always, always have a spotter just out of frame if you have baby standing while supported by something like a chair, OR if you have them sitting on anything other than the floor.  If they are new to sitting up, have a spotter at ALL TIMES. Baby must always be safe! 

This one was taken right before she tried to do a swan dive off of the chair.  Dad was the assigned spotter and he did well.

Yes, she does look like royalty, doesn't she? 

By this time she had mastered not looking at the camera.

A great pose at this age is mom or dad in a supporting role.

Yes, I hear you.  I'm just ignoring you!
Harper is one of our "Oh, Baby!" clients in more than one way!  We offer a variety of Oh Baby! portrait packages that take you through baby's first year, AND she's wearing a lovely array of outfits and accessories from the Oh, Baby! store in the Galleria Shopping Centre in Edina, Minnesota. Check them out! 

For more information on booking a baby portrait package or session with Maris Ehlers Photography, click here

We'll see Harper in her next release, Her First Birthday Cake Smash, in May!  

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