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Thursday, February 23, 2012

30 Pictures in 30 Days - Day 11

Today I want you to challenge your photographic skills with your… cell phone camera!  Whether you use an iphone, droid, blackberry or a flip phone, let's see what you got!

One app that I do love (for iphone only, unfortunately) is instagram.  It's awesome and is available in the app store.  It can make anyone feel like a photographer!  They have a ever expanding list of edits that you can do in one click, and it can really change your image!

You can make prints, postcards, magnets and even books out of your instagram images.  It's really quite fascinating.

I have included a few of my favorites.  Several of which my kids have taken.  Which is a hint for a future day in this challenge.  :)

Photographers Love Sun Flares - My  7 Year Old Son Took This One Last Year. 

Here is a link to their blog. It's well worth the visit and the download if you don't have it. They'll give you all sorts of ideas! It's very inspirational and better yet, you can follow your friends and people of interest on it as well.

So today there is no theme other than it has to be a cell phone picture or pictures…  BE original!

A (6) Took This Picutre of a Pinwheel at a Child's Grave at a Cemetery

And remember, you can jump in on any day, and you can even go back and post image(s) for previous days!

No pressure.  Just fun.

I took this of Rugie Boogie this morning.  You can see the original below. 

The Crabapple Tree in our Front Yard

My Son Took This Picture.  I love it because it is how he sees the basket above him.  

A Enjoying a Lego Display.

One of A Last Year Walking to the Kindergarten Bus (At Noon)

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