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Monday, March 5, 2012

MEP 30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 23 | Maris Ehlers Photography

Today's theme is SILVER. While it could certainly be the metal silver, it can also simply be something that is the color silver (or gray).  Let's see how exciting you can make silver (or gray) be.

SILVER made me think of jewelry, but I wanted to choose something sentimental but not so typical.  After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to photograph my brother's dog tag.

I think this image will also be my entry for TIME.  It's so hard to believe that he's been gone for over seven years already.  In some ways it seems like a lifetime, and then in others it seems like it can't have been that long.

It's one of the few momentos of his that I have.  He did not die in the line of duty, but it doesn't make these tags any less special.

My Brother's Dog Tags - I edited out his social security number, for obvious reasons.  f/13, 1/200, ISO 200.  Lens used: Camera:  Canon 5d Mark II, Lens: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM
I think most of us are intertwined with our a siblings in a way that we never are with another person, and time in so many ways is irrelevant.

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