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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Passing of the Royal Crown - A Fairytale in Progress | Maris Ehlers Photography

Once upon a time, there was a darling princess named Zoe. She lived in the kingdom of Canada, until the royal family decided to move their castle to Minnesota. Princess Zoe loved it in Minnesota, but after a few years she started to not feel very well.  After a few weeks of wondering, it was discovered that Zoe had Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a form of cancer that most often strikes children and teens, and the battle began.  

Zoe fought this battle armed with the grace, courage and strength she found inside herself, and wore the support and encouragement from those who loved her like armor: Impenetrable and unfailing. 

She was winning the war, but had one more fierce battle to go. The court jester decided to take some pictures of the Princess to show the world just how beautiful she really was. 

The result was so surprising. People from near and far, people who knew Princess Zoe and those who had never heard of her before showered her with even more love and support than she thought possible, forging her an invisible crown of protection with their kind words and thoughts, and victory was hers.  


Now you might think this is the end of our little fairy tale, but there is now another chapter to be told. During Princess Zoe's battle, the court jester met another lovely family, this time from the village of St. Michael, Minnesota. This family was celebrating a wedding, and there were many princes and princesses that were all a part of this happy day. 

One of these princesses was a lovely girl named Yvonne, who hails from the Kingdom of St. Paul. With dark hair, and chocolate brown eyes, she was the fairest of the fair in her glittery blue dress and silver shoes, and they all danced the day away. 

In June, the week that Princess Zoe received the news that she had won the battle against her cancer, Princess Yvonne received news that she, in fact, would be gearing up to fight the very same battle that Zoe had just won.  

So on a sunny evening not that long ago (ok, last night), Princess Zoe met with Princess Yvonne at the Court of Hanover, so that the court jester could document how Zoe, with care and kindness passed on the invisible crown of protection given to her by so many good wishes, to help Yvonne fight the battle that she has just begun.  

And so, please consider this your royal invitation to follow along on Yvonne's journey and to prepare to celebrate her happy ending yet to come.  

XOXO to both of these beautiful girls! 



Sara Biren said...

Once again, you've brought me to tears. That's the sign of a good storyteller. Well done. Thank you for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Now this is definitely a fairy tale-come true!! Yvonne (and Zoe)....people whom you have never met (like me!) are praying for a quick, complete and permanent recovery for you.