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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Venezuelan Geologist Engaged to Santana Loving Twins Fan | Maris Ehlers Photography

I admit it.  I never would have guessed Lindsey was such a huge sports fan.  I'm not sure if it's all sports or just the Twins, but still... I didn't see it coming. 

When I look at these pictures from last night's engagement shoot, I'm reminded how important it is to really get to know your clients so that when you get them in front of your camera, you are telling THEIR story, and not some random "Hey, we're in this field so let's take some pictures of you" kind of story.  If we would have missed capturing any of this, it would have been an incredible opportunity wasted.  

So here is Lindsey and Agustin's story.  

Agustin is a geologist from Venezuela, and let's just say this: I don't care how many weddings a person has photographed, when the groom tells you for the last hour or so of their reception at the Van Dusen Mansion they are going to celebrate with a Venezuelan wedding custom called "Crazy Hour", you get excited.  

Venezuelans apparently believe that if people wear masks, beads, jewels, and funny hats, they will become less inhibited while dancing and REALLY have fun.  This, I cannot wait to see.  

Anyway, back to their story.  Lindsey emailed me a couple of days ago and asked if we could include their dogs in a few pictures.  I was a little concerned about the heat, but I told her that if she looked at her engagement pictures in the future and would regret not including her dogs, then we should make it happen.  Special thanks to her sister Jessica for being the dogs' chauffeur.  It is much appreciated.  

Mere minutes after we started shooting it started pouring rain, but it was one of those weird rains in Minnesota where it was raining, cloudy and sunny all at the same time.  Not to be missed, in my opinion.

I'm pretty sure they thought I had lost my mind when we had no sooner hopped in our cars to head to another location when Angel noticed the rainbow, and I pulled over and practically yanked Agustin and Lindsey out of their car.  It was so worth it. 

Our next stop was an old exposed brick wall, but lucky for us, further down the block I noticed a spot in the wall where the brick had been removed.  I headed that way thinking I would photograph them around the dilapidated bricks, when Agustin noticed an entire abandoned building just waiting for us to explore.  Well, it went something like that.  

Lindsey's main stone in her ring is a tanzanite.  It's gorgeous and purple, and in case you haven't noticed, Lindsey loves purple about as much as she loves the Minnesota Twins

There were so many highlights to this session, but I would have to say that the best part is how they both just became so animated once we hit the plaza by Target Field.  They love it there, and so it was truly fitting that the images that tell their love story be taken there. 

As I was following Santana - oops, I mean Agustin to the plaza, I captured this image thinking he either looked like a true fan headed out to the game or like he was going to beat someone up with his baseball bats.  ;)  

Target Field Plaza at Sunset

I only hope Johan isn't jealous. 

Lindsey and Agustin, we can't WAIT to celebrate with you in August at the Van Dussen Mansion.  What fun it will be! 

Maris and Angel

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