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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Minneapolis Gymnastics Photography Part II - Abby Edelman | Maris Ehlers Photography

Earlier today, you learned about a fantastic gymnastics themed photo shoot Maris Ehlers Photography did in September with two sister gymnasts, Renee and Abby Edelman.  It was a crazy shoot, and had a great reason behind it.  Their hair.  Read all about Renee in Part I of our series of posts this week about these phenomenal girls. 

Part II - Abby

I hadn't met Abby before our planned photo shoot, and I was surprised by how both similar and different she and Renee are from one another.  I was just as amazed by her hair and everything else as I was with Renee, but she has a confidence, control and poise about her that is truly remarkable. 

Abby was actually the first one in the Edelman family to start gymnastics.  She started in Washington at the age of 7. Mary, Renee and Abby's mom, says that when Renee (who was 9 at the time) saw what Abby was doing, she wanted in on the action and started as well. 

Abby is a sophomore at Maple Grove Senior High, and boats a 3.7 GPA. She loves to cook, and wants to be a collegiate gymnast and then head to France for culinary school. 
As a gymnast, Abby is known for her amazing form on the uneven bars.  She was voted Best Swinger at TCT last year. In 2012, Abby placed 2nd on Bars at Nationals, 3rd All Round at Regionals, and was State Champion on Bars, Beam and the All Round. 

Our Hunger Games Tribute

Assisted by:  Angel Petit
Hair and Makeup:  MJ Evans

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