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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Do Your Senior Pictures Look This Cool? Doubt it. But They Can. | Maris Ehlers Photography

Courtney and I beat the heat by photographing three of the seniors from the Maple Grove High School Crimson Hockey Team.  This mini session we did is part of a special senior portrait package we created for the seniors on the team.  Dylan, one of the MEP senior reps, is a captain on the team and thanks go to his mom Sonia for seeing if the guys were interested in signing up.

We had a moment of panic at the rink when we got there as the lights were off.  We decided to make it work, and work it did.  There literally was a fog above the ice that was as thick as you see in these pictures and I knew I wanted to convey it in the images.

Frankly, we think the results look totally badass.  And what Minnesota senior hockey player wouldn't want pictures like THAT? 

In this first post you'll see Dylan and Drew, and in the second post we'll have Spencer in action as well as some great goalie shots with Kyle and a few more Captain shots. 

The 3 C's:  Spencer, Drew and Dylan

This one of Dylan is one of my favorites from the day. 

I imagine a moment like this in the seconds after the final buzzer this season. 

Dylan, ready to rock.

Drew lookin' tough.

I can honestly say I've never taken a picture like this before, and I loved doing something different! 

In the trenches.

Another favorite. I think it shows the transition from boy to athlete.  In progress.  

Update:  Part II of this series is now on the blog here.  

If you want senior portraits that make you look this cool, please email to get in on it. 

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Curriculum for Kids said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

Anonymous said...

You're right Maris - these are badass! Wowza! Cool!

tracie said...

absolutely outstanding Maris!!! You might have outdone yourself here! LOVE LOVE!